Priority Policy

Public Safety

At a Glance

  • Fully staff the San Francisco Police and Sheriff’s Departments.
  • Offer first-responder incentives including rent, child care, and housing subsidies.
  • Require better SFPD coordination with other law enforcement entities.
  • Put more officers on foot patrol in high crime areas.
  • Speed up 911 response times.

The Details

Your safety is my top priority. We must be compassionate but firm in our belief that no one has the right to smash our car windows, pillage our stores, shoot up drugs where our children play, or prey on those suffering from addiction. It is time to end the perception that lawlessness is an acceptable part of life in San Francisco.

To reverse the record rates of property crime and drug dealing, criminals must know that they will be caught and there will be consequences. Studies show that this is how we deter crime. That’s why my administration will ensure we have a fully-staffed, well-trained, and accountable police department that reflects the diversity and values of our city.

In order to increase our arrest rate, we need more police visible in our commercial corridors walking a beat, and patrolling in vehicles to respond quickly and reduce 911 response times that have slowed to dangerous levels.

Fully-Staff the Police Department

With incentives we can begin the work of fully staffing our law enforcement agencies. As mayor I will:

  • Build workforce housing for first responders.
  • Offer rent subsidies so officers can live in the communities where they work.
  • Offer child care and transportation support.
  • Increase diversity in our ranks so officers can speak to victims in their native languages and reflect the communities they serve.

Shut Down Open-Air Drug Markets

We will put an end to open air drug markets, shut down the illegal sale of stolen goods, and arrest fentanyl dealers. As mayor I will:

  • Implement a technological solution backed by law enforcement experts that ensures drug dealers are immediately arrested if they reoffend.
  • Require SFPD to work in greater coordination with BART police, Sheriff’s Deputies, and federal law enforcement to break up organized crime rings.
  • Significantly increase police presence in commercial areas to deter smash and grabs and protect our small businesses.
  • Slash 911 response times by using proven technology and adequate staffing.
  • Integrate data systems of siloed law enforcement agencies and city departments in order to facilitate evidence-driven interventions.

Create Co-Responder Teams

Increasing the effectiveness of our law enforcement requires us to change existing strategies that waste valuable resources. Not every contact requires a response from someone with a badge and gun. I have a plan to create co-responder teams of law enforcement and behavior health professionals to get those in crisis and engaging in low-level criminal behavior into treatment and off the street. I will do this in combination with immediately erecting enough shelter beds to clear the tent encampments.

Behavioral health experts say this approach will help address the crisis on our streets, while law enforcement experts say it will free up precious police resources to respond to crimes in progress and speed 911 response times.

Leverage Technology

We must also responsibly leverage technology as we work to rebuild our law enforcement agencies. Community safety cameras can deter crime and enable law enforcement to build bigger cases that hold repeat offenders accountable. We know this works. My plan to use geolocation technology to keep first-time drug offenders out of the Tenderloin is backed by experts. Technology can also be used to speed 911 response times, which have slowed to unacceptable levels.

I want you to know your safety is my top priority. Our mission is clear: build a safer San Francisco where residents, families, workers, visitors, and businesses can thrive.